I can provide a wide variety of writing that is easy to read, conversational, and well researched. I have experience writing for news, blogs, technical papers, and scripts.

I write and format Jam Street Media's blogs and newsletters.

Podcast Business Journal

Screen shot of article on Podcast Business Journal written by Joe Stone


Newscast rundown.

Two Column Script

Two column script for a feature on waterfalls in SW Washington State.


Report on worldwide malware attack.

Evan McMullin Article

Article on little known presidential candidate, Evan McMullin.

Xfinity Comcast Mobile Article

News article on Comcast's Xfinity Mobile service.

Virtual Assistants news article

A news article explaining the differences between the major virtual assistants - Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana, and Siri.

Fireworks News Article

Guest commentary article on the use of fireworks and their effects on combat veterans or those with PTSD

Medium Blog

My blog on Medium.com

Terra42 Project

I provide blog posts about eco-friendly, sustainable solutions for the home.


My military experiences are one of the stories in this incredibly powerful book.

Unfortunately, much of my older published work has been removed from host websites but I will continue to update this page with future publications.