• Joe Stone

Why are you a creative?

I wrote this back in 2018, but never published it. Or maybe I unpublished it. I don't know. Anyhow, it's a great reminder to me about what I really enjoy.

Why do you create?

Do you do it for pleasure, profit, or both?

While I've been a creative all my life, I've always gravitated to professions with "hard skills". Whatever that means.

Anyways, over the years I've dabbled in writing, graphic design, painting and drawing, and music. Even acted in theater for a bit too. I was (and still am) always looking for that creative outlet. It's therapeutic to build and create, rather than destroy and tear down. Make things a little bit better.

It was fulfilling when you could elicit an emotion in someone who experienced your creation - an emotional teardrop from a sad story, a smile from a joke, a sense of wonder and peace from a photograph.

Those are the things that drive me when I create.

Just over five years ago, I left the military because I hurt my back. I was trained as a mechanic and found I couldn't do that anymore as a civilian. I tried similar fields but it just wasn't good for me physically and mentally. I soon found myself at a crossroads.

Not knowing what to do, a friend and someone I respected reached out and helped me do some soul searching. We spent over an hour on the phone mind-mapping and brainstorming, to get to the bottom of things. I knew I needed to go back to school, but to study what exactly?

For some reason I kept trying to gravitate towards STEM degrees because, well, that's what I was supposed to do, I thought. But was it what I really WANTED to do? Turns out, the answer is sort of. I had to figure out why.

What it came down to is that I just wanted to create. And it didn't matter what.

Now I'm studying communications and learning how to make and use various kinds of media to do just that. Things I never thought I'd do: podcasting, producing and editing video, and writing. I even picked up photography and I started freelancing on the side.

I'm busy, broke, and happier than I've ever been.

What drives you to create?

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