• Joe Stone

What's the haps for 2019?

Winter break seems to last forever because, well - two months can feel like an eternity when you are an unemployed student. On the bright side though, I received my grades for last semester and I did a little better than I expected and got straight A's! That raised my GPA to 3.54 and has inspired me to go all in on my education for 2019 (which is my last year) and my goal now is to graduate with honors in December.

I got this!

To help facilitate my goal, during my winter break I started trimming my ongoing extra-curricular activities down to nil so I have less distractions over the coming year. I resigned from post as the secretary for the nonprofit, What They Signed Up For and temporarily closed my business.

But in the interest of boosting my media experiences, not only am I maintaining their website, but I'm also continuing to produce a 90s music show on the Academy of Art University radio station - UrbanKnightsRadio.com. The show is called '90s Or Nuthin' and (as of now) airs weekly on Wednesday's and Fridays from 5-6 pm. You can listen through the media player on the Urban Knights Radio website, or find the Urban Knights Radio channel on iHeartRadio.

In summary, I have a long year ahead me but I'm looking forward to finishing up my degree in Communications and Media Technology with the Academy of Art University.