• Joe Stone

Three Little Porky Dudes

Updated: Dec 12, 2018

Written by me, Joe Stone. This was an assignment that had us retell the classic tale, "The Three Little Pigs," but in a different voice. I chose a "Surfer Dude". (Written for ADV 109 at Academy of Art University on 23 NOV 2018)

Once there were like, three little porky dudes. And dude — these porky dudes like, made some houses from stuff. Like from stuff they found, bro. The first little dude made his righteous little abode out of straw. The second little porky dude used sticks, and third was like all smart and made this killer hooch out of bricks.

But man, one day this bad wolf hombre came up to the first porky dudes house looking for some grub. He was like “Dude?” And then, the Porky dude was like, “DUDE. No.”

The bad hombre sighed and then like huffed and puffed and stuff, and blew it away. Woaaah.

The bad hombre wolf went to the second porky dudes place, and was like, “Umm. Dude?” And the porky dude was all like, “Seriously, dude? No.”

So the wolf dude all like huffed and puffed again, and just blew his stick house away too. So not cool. Then he went to the third porky dudes brick house.


But before he got an answer he just started huffing and puffing, man but nothing happened. The big bad hombre passed out, so the little porky dude made a wolf sandwich.

Far out.