• Joe Stone

My Shooting Style

A few years ago I left the Army and essentially traded in my gun for a camera. Since then I've shot a few different things - weddings, events, street photography, landscapes - and even tried an editorial shoot once. That was different. I'm not great or comfortable with staging subjects; human subjects, that is. Horses. Dogs I can do. Cats... yeah, no cats.

I really enjoy the candid, documentary style shots the most. Trying to re-tell a story through my lens. Capturing the moment, the emotion, the energy. There's just something about it that I found so satisfying. Makes me think photojournalism might be a good option for me.

This last weekend I was asked to shoot a graduation ceremony for the Lewis & Clark Young Marines. If you aren't familiar with the Young Marines organization (it's okay, I wasn't either), they are a 501 (c)(3) youth organization that is Marine Corps themed and is generally staffed by military veterans (mostly from USMC). I volunteer with them frequently and my son was in this most recent recruit class. It was their largest recruit class ever.

Here are a few of my favorites shots from the ceremony.

As a veteran, it was huge honor for me to be asked to do this. Thank you Lewis & Clark Young Marines.