• Joe Stone


Updated: Dec 16, 2018

Working on my finals over the next two weeks and I got to say, for feeling like the workload was light this semester, it sure has caught up to me on the back end of things. In particular, my Advertising 109 class. Well, that's not entirely true. There was plenty of work and discussion assignments. It was probably my only class that I struggled in this semester because it pushed the boundaries of my creativity - something I desperately needed. Not only did we cover the greats in advertising (George Lois being my favorite), but we also went over drawing techniques, graphic design, color, and typography.

What's really pushing though me is this final. We had to collect up all of our weekly journal entries, and compile them into one document in a magazine layout. Never having created a magazine before, I started with a blank slate and just got to work.

I started with some thumbnail sketches.

Then, I went a little further and made digital layout in Adobe Illustrator with some Lorem Ipsum text as placeholders in many spots. As you can see, my style choices from thumbnails to my first digital draft changed significantly. I decided that each section or entry should be a two-page layout. All of the artwork and photos I found online in open source databases like Pixabay, and when possible, I traced it, recolored, and repurposed it in Illustrator.

As an example, check out, "The Three Little Porky Dudes" story layout below.

Both of those images (the wolf and the pig) were open source photos that I made adaptations to. Like said, I traced and expanded them, as well as removed any sort of background other items that weren't needed. I also did my best to match the look and feel of both digital illustrations. The pig one I modified further so there were three of them. I also modified the "YU Take My Money" images.

The ones that started out as illustrations were naturally pretty easy to vector and modify in Illustrator. The photos, however, were a bit more challenging. Even though this wasn't necessarily the purpose of this class, it helped me learn some new tricks and techniques.

After I turned in my draft layout, I got what seemed to be a pretty extensive critique from my instructor which made me think I almost needed to redo the whole thing -- and I almost did. It looks like it was more of a canned response though.

Here's my final product:

With as much effort and times as I put into this, it was by far, the most disappointing 'B' I've ever received.

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