• Joe Stone

2021 Intensifies

Since my last post nearly a year ago much has changed and not a lot at the same time. I struggled to get my own projects finished - or started rather - and ended the year not much different from where I started it. The bulk of my time was spent working for Jam Street Media, behind the scenes making sure the business stayed running smoothly.

Oh, and I all but stopped photography. Just lost interest in it. Started out hot, but in the end I realized fashion and editorial style wasn't really my thing. I'm much prefer to do documentary, real life stuff, instead. Got to leave the house for that though.

I tried starting a podcast but struggled to find consistent time in my schedule to do it. I launched, got a single episode in, and fizzled out for a bit. It has since been relaunched. I'll go more into that later.

Politics aside, 2021 has been a lot different so far.

I've pulled back on freelance projects and put more focus and time on the family for starters. It was well overdue. They may tell you otherwise, but Teenagers need a lot of attention.

The Veteran Podcast was relaunched and changed the format a bit. It's now a video-first production that I also create a podcast from. It's been shortened to less than 10 minutes and now is just a single segment about veteran and military related news. Short, sweet, to the point. No need to sync schedules or edit and master multiple audio tracks.

Here's the latest episode from Sunday, March 7th 2021.

I still had a lot of interest from folks about interviews, so I recently started a new show (podcast only) where I interview other veterans, advocates, supporters, family members, and anyone else associated with the veteran community to share their experiences and knowledge with the audience. I call it, Joe to Joe. In the Army, a 'joe' was another term for soldier, so it just made sense that if I, Joe, were talking to other veterans, it would be a Joe to Joe (toe to toe?) conversation. The SEO is horrible with such a common name, I know, but I don't really care. I'm focused on making and putting out content. I can change things later.

Here's the trailer. I'm still working on getting it distributed to Apple Podcasts and all the places, so if you don't see there yet, it will be there soon so keep checking back.

With two shows in the works, I'm also considering starting a podcast network. Bring together other veteran-led podcasts so we can pool resources, cross-promote audiences, and maybe even monetize easier. If you're interested in joining forces for the betterment of our fellow veterans, let me know. What's new with you?